SNES-2-3DO USB-C port used for future firmware updates.
SNES-2-3DO is compatible with 8BitDo's wireless receivers.
SNES-2-3DO is compatible with Bluetooth controllers with the 8BitDo receiver.
SNES-2-3DO is compatible with a wide array of Super Nintendo controllers and Super NES mice.
SNES-2-3DO is available in a variety of colors. From solid black to FZ-1 black and gold, to SNES gray and purple, to Famicom red.
FZ-1 themed colored shell for SNES-2-3DO


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Now you can use an array of Super Nintendo controllers, mice, and multi-taps on any 3DO console. Whether you love or hate the original 3DO controllers, 3DO accessories are becoming harder find at a reasonable price. With the SNES23DO controller adapter you can make use of the abundance of SNES controllers and mice.


  • Dual SNES controller inputs
  • Dual SNES multi-tap compatible (for up to 8 controllers)
  • Dual SNES mouse compatible (official & Hyperkin)
  • 8BitDo Wireless Receiver compatible
  • 3DO controller extension port (for daisy chain)
  • Firmware updatable through USB-C port
  • 3DO USB Host  compatible
  • NES controller compatible (NES-2-SNES cable required*)
  • Arcade Mode (unlocking Orbatak & Shootout at Old Tucson)
  • SNES Mouse to SNES controller d-pad mapping


  1. Normal mode (normal SNES to 3DO conversion)

  2. Arcade mode (arcade only games now playable)
    • Orbatak coin/start/service buttons mapped to mice and/or SNES controller.
    • Shootout at Old Tucson coin/start/service buttons mapped to SNES controller d-pad.

  3. Mouse-As-Controller mode (mouse on non-mouse games)
    • Maps SNES mouse on port B to SNES controller d-pad/A/B buttons on port A.


* Controllers, mice, and 8BitDo receivers not included.


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