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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB-2-CDI
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB-2-CDI


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Finally its possible to use a wide array of USB controllers, keyboards, and mice on real Philips CD-i hardware. Controllers and keyboards are converted to appear to the console as a standard 3-button controller. And USB mice will function identically to the original CD-i mouse.

When using a USB hub, you can connect up to two controllers. With the integrated CD-i splitter, on newer CD-i consoles you only need a single cable for 2-players. But a CD-i splitter can be used in reverse for consoles with a secondary rear controller input.


  • 3-button controller and mouse modes
  • HID Mice to CD-i Mouse
  • HID Keyboard to CD-i Controller
  • Integrated splitter for 2-player output *
  • USB Hub Support (experimental)
  • Firmware Updatable


  • Any USB controller with X-Input mode 
  • 8BitDo PCE 2.4g USB Receiver
  • 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapters (Red/Black/Gray)
  • Xbox (OG/360/One/Series)
  • PS Classic USB Controller
  • PS4 DualShock 4 Wired 
  • PS5 DualSense Wired
  • Sega AstroCity Mini USB Controller


  • USB-2-CDI adapter
  • 1 meter miniDIN-8 male to male cable


* Some model CD-i players require a CD-i splitter for 2-player mode.