Instruction Manual

 The 3DOControllerReset is an in-game reset mod kit for 3DO consoles. This kit includes a small PCB that can be soldered directly underneath the 3DO controller connector with a single wire to trigger the reset.


 Once installed, pressing L + R + X (Stop) + P (Play) simultaneously on any standard 3DO controller will trigger the console to reset. Either reboot the current game in the CD tray or return to an ODE (optical disc emulator) menu screen.


 The 3DO flight stick is also compatible but to avoid conflicts with some games, the button combination is L + R + X (Stop) + P (Play) + B + Trigger.


 This reset mod is designed to be universally compatible with all 3DO consoles. Connecting the PCB under the controller port will be the same, but the single reset line wire's placement will vary depending on console variant and if an ODE is installed in the system.



 Once the console is disassembled, place the PCB over the controller port's exposed pins on the bottom of the motherboard. Solder pins 1, 2, 7, and 9 on the PCB. All nine pins can be soldered to the PCB, but not required. Next solder a short wire to the reset pad at the top-left of the 3DOControllerReset board. For GoldStar consoles, place a strip of Kapton tape under the PCB's programming pins to prevent shorts.

Panasonic FZ-1

 For FZ-1 consoles without an ODE, the reset wire needs to be connected to the 3DO's CPU pin 26 found at IC100. The solder pad at pin 1 of IC343 traces back to this point and is a lot easier to solder the reset wire to.



 For FZ-1 consoles with an ODE, the reset wire should be connected to pin 2 of the eject button on the bottom of the motherboard.


 Either method will work but the eject line method is recommend for the best experience with an ODE. The ODE is designed to return to the it's menu when the eject line is triggered.


 Systems without an ODE will also work with the eject line method, but the reset button combo will eject the CD tray and require pressing the button combo a second time to close the tray and restart the game.



 Take care when reassembling the console to be sure to not pinch or screw through the reset wire.



Panasonic FZ-10

 For FZ-10 consoles without an ODE, the reset wire can to be connected to the door open/close input at pin 36 of IC660. The solder pad on the right of C663 traces to this pin and is much easier to solder the wire to.



 For FZ-10 consoles with an internal ODE, the install steps have not been verified yet. But it should work if both the reset line from this mod and the door sensor line from the ODE are connected to the pad for pin 36 on IC660. Otherwise connecting the reset line to pin 26 of the CPU at IC100 will also work.


GoldStar GDO-101

 For GoldStar 3DOs, place a small strip of electrical or Kapton tape between the mainboard and the 6 tiny programming pin holes of the mod board. This will prevent shorting with the points underneath.


 For GDO-101 consoles without an ODE, the reset wire can to be connected to the 3DO's CPU pin 26 found at U14. The test point at T263 traces back to this pin and is a lot easier to solder the reset wire.



 For GDO-101 consoles with an ODE, the reset wire can be connected to the middle pin of the eject button on the bottom of the motherboard.


Sanyo TRY IMP-21J

 Install instructions coming soon...