Instruction Manual

 The USB-2-PCE is a retro video game controller adapter that converts various USB controllers, mice, and keyboards into TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine compatible accessories.

  • Buttons
    • Reset - Press to restart the adapter's firmware.
    • Boot - Hold while connecting USB-C for firmware updates
  • LED Indicators
    • Power - Green when adapter is powered up.
    • Status - Indicates number of USB controllers detected.
      • Pulsing Blue - No controllers
      • Solid Blue - 1 controller
      • Blink Green/Blue - 2 controllers
      • Blink Red/Green/Blue - 3 controllers
      • Blink Yellow/Red/Green/Blue - 4 controllers
      • Sparkles - 5 controllers
  • I/O Ports
      • USB-C - input for flashing new firmware updates.
      • USB-A - input for USB hubs, controllers, keyboards, mice.
      • Mini DIN 8 - output to PCEngine/TG-16
        • PCEngine - Male to Male Mini DIN 8 Cable
        • TG-16 - Requires Mini DIN 8 to DIN 8 Cable

    USB Controllers

     This adapter is compatible with a wide array of USB controllers that support X-input mode. But there is an ever growing list of controllers I have specifically added support for. If your controller is not working and is not listed here, then check the controllers manual for how to enable X-input mode.


    • Any USB controller with X-input mode.
    • 8BitDo PCE 2.4g USB Receiver
    • 8BitDo USB Wireless Adapters (Red/Black/Gray)
    • Xbox OG/360/One/Series Wired
    • PS Classic Controller
    • DualShock 4 Wired
    • DualSense Wired
    • AstroCity Mini USB Controller

      Controller Mapping

       Button mapping attempts to follow the same right to left layout of the original PC Engine gamepads. X-input and all Xbox controllers have the same mapping. PlayStation style controllers also have identical button mappings to each other.

      • Xbox to PCEngine
        • B -> I
        • A -> II
        • Y -> III
        • X -> IV
        • RB/LT -> V
        • LB/RT -> VI
        • Menu -> Run
        • View -> Select
        • PlayStation to PCEngine
          • Circle -> I
          • Cross -> II
          • Triangle -> III
          • Square -> IV
          • R1/L2 -> V
          • L1/R2 -> VI
          • Options -> Run
          • Share -> Select
          • PS/Mute -> Run + Select

          6-Button Mode

           Controllers are in 2-button mode by default, as not all games are compatible with this mode. 6-button mode on unsupported games may cause random rogue button presses. 2/6 button modes can be toggled on each individual controller with a simple button combo:

          • Enable 6-Button - Hold RUN and quickly tap d-pad UP.
          • Enable 2-Button - Hold RUN and quickly tap d-pad DOWN.

           * Careful not to hold button combo too long as some 8BitDo controllers for example use this combo when held for 5 seconds to toggle controller options.

          • 6-Button Compatible Games
            • Advanced Variable Geo
            • Battlefield '94 in Tokyo Dome
            • Emerald Dragon
            • Fire Pro Jyoshi - Dome Choujyo Taisen
            • Flash Hiders
            • Garou Densetsu II - Aratanaru Tatakai
            • Garou Densetsu Special
            • Kakutou Haou Densetsu Algunos
            • Linda Cube
            • Mahojng Sword Princess Quest Gaiden
            • Martial Champions
            • Princess Maker 2
            • Ryuuko no Ken
            • Sotsugyou II - Neo Generation
            • Street Fighter II Dash
            • Super Real Mahjong P II - P III Custom
            • Super Real Mahjong P V Custom
            • Tengai Makyo - Kabuki Itouryodan
            • World Heroes 2
            • Ys IV

          USB Mice

           USB HID-compatible mice can be used with this adapter to emulate the original PCEngine mouse to play the console's mouse compatible games.

          • Mouse Button Mapping
            • Right Button -> I
            • Left Button -> II
            • Back Button -> Run
            • Forward Button -> Select
            • Middle Button -> Swap Left/Right Buttons
          • Mouse Compatible Games
            • 1552 Tenka Tairan
            • A. III - Takin' the A Train
            • Atlas Renaissance Voyage
            • Brandish
            • Dennou Tenshi Digital Angel
            • Doukyuusei
            • Eikan ha Kimini - Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoku Taikai
            • Hatsukoi Monogatari
            • Jantei Monogatari III - Saver Angels
            • Lemmings
            • Metal Angel
            • Nemurenumori no Chiisana Ohanashi
            • Power Golf 2 Golfer
            • Princess Maker 2
            • Tokimeki Memorial
            • Vasteel 2

          USB Keyboards

           USB HID-compatible keyboards can also be used as 2-button or 6-button controllers. When a keyboard is connected, it appears to the console as an ordinary PCEngine controller.

          • Keyboard Button Mapping
            • WASD/Arrows -> D-pad
            • Num pad -> I-VI
            • Enter -> Run
            • ESC -> Select

          USB Hubs

           With the integrated multi-tap, USB hubs can be connected to the adapter to connect up to 5 controllers at once for 2-5 player games. When more than one controller is connected to the adapter with a USB hub, the adapter appears to the console as a normal PCEngine multi-tap.

           The Status LED indicator will change patterns as noted above based on how many controllers are being translated. USB hub support is still a bit experimental but will work once controllers are detected. If having trouble, then try connecting the hub and controllers after powering on the adapter.

          Firmware Updates

           The latest firmware updates can be found at:

          To apply the update:

          1. Disconnect the adapter from the console and any USB devices.
          2. Connect a USB cable to the USB-C port, then hold the (+) Boot button while connecting the other end to a computer.
          3. A virtual drive will appear called RPI-RP2, simply drag and drop the UF2 firmware file to the drive.
          4. The drive will automatically disconnect. Update complete! 💪